Yoga in Rishikesh Himalayas

What is yoga? How does it work?

Derived from the Sanskrit root, the word "Yoga" means "to join or union." Yoga is simply the union of the body to mind and mind to soul.A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, one part of which includes breathing control, simple meditation and adoption of specific body movements. The mind and body practice is widely practiced for health and relaxation with different styles of yoga.

The mind has become popular as a physical exercise on the basis of asana (physical poses) to promote better control of the mind and body and increase welfare.There are many styles of yoga. The fitness level of a person and the desired practice results determines the type of yoga that they are most suitable whether it’s, Ashtanga, Viniyoga, Vinyasa, Bikram or Hatha Yoga and many other kinds. It's our pleasure to provide you with any style you want to have in yoga.

Yoga is defined as eight branches or organs: Yama, Rituals, Asanas, Pranayam, Pratihar, Dharana, Meditation, and Samadhi.By practicing yoga, there are many possible health benefits which include less back pain relief, stress management and increase balance and flexibility.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga can reduce chronic pain like old back pain, arthritis, headache and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga can cure many diseases including blood pressure, heart problems and so on. It works more on mind and soul rather than a body.

What is a yoga class?

A neat and clean hall with Yoga mats and props and many yoga students wearing comfortable clothes, with water bottles, and a small towel and you will see everyone without a phone, as your practice is a time to and disconnect from technology.

Why Yoga in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh itself is the "Yoga Capital of the World”; a place for worldly intellectuals; site that rests peacefully on both sides of the holy river the Ganges has become a hub for Yoga and meditation. While learning yoga, you will experience the ashram life. The yoga schools in Rishikesh conducts initial, intermediate or advanced courses at all levels of students. Situated in northern India, on the foothills of the Himalayas; the holy city of Rishikesh is always been associated with the true lover of Yoga and meditation.

Rishikesh is one of the largest groups of ashrams in the world, which is defined as spiritually retreating. Regularly starts with 5 AM calls for mediation, Sun salutation, yoga philosophy, Asanas is a Yoga class and more ends with yoga, meditation, lectures and group food.

Rishikesh Rafting Camping offers you an opportunity to learn the gain the best yogic knowledge from the renowned and registered yoga schools in Rishikesh. The yogis and yoginis of the yoga schools have years of experience and they will provide a realistic yogic lifestyle to the students.